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I support families using The Baby-Led Sleep Approach™ which was co-founded by Lauren Heffernan. It is a holistic approach to baby and toddler sleep that does not involve any form of sleep training. Rather than using separation techniques, the focus of the Baby-Led Sleep Approach™ is on responsive parenting by listening and responding to your child’s cues day and night that will foster deep and trusting parent-child relationships. It’s about helping your child feel safe and secure, feelings that are prerequisites for children to be able to fall and stay asleep independently when they are developmentally ready.

What kind of sleep support can you expect? 

Through our work together you will:

  • learn what age-appropriate infant and toddler sleep looks like
  • understand the natural progression of child development and its impact on sleep
  • learn the science of sleep and how to create a safe and secure sleep environment that is conducive to sleep
  • understand how children attach to their caregivers and how to nurture the attachment system
  • understand all factors that may impact your child’s sleep such as your own feelings and behaviors, rhythms and routines, environmental factors, nutrition, underlying health issues etc.
  • learn about the importance of emotions in general and in regards to making changes to your sleep routine and support your child’s sleep in particular
  • feel confident to make decisions that work for you and your family
  • feel encouraged to trust and follow your natural instincts