Who am I?

I’m Sandra, and when I married my husband, I had the vision that living in a blended family would be our own version of the Brady Bunch –  boy was I wrong. Then when we had our son, in the back of my mind I thought he would sleep like a baby. Oh, he slept like a baby alright, to the person who came up with that analogy, F*$% you! 

Tell me, are you feeling overwhelmed with your little one’s sleep? Do you feel like you are constantly struggling with the right wake window? What about trying to figure out why your baby will only sleep on you and not in their crib? What about those damn cat naps?  Been there, experienced that. Mama – no drama, we got this. 

Are you living in a blended family? Are you feeling anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, and resentful? Let’s add a newborn into the mix, do you have an overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to do? Mama – no drama, we got this, I’ve been there too!  

As a mother and a stepmother, I have experienced all the above and much much more. Leading up to the birth of my son, I remember having the thought – ‘HOLY SHIT’. I’m going to be a first time mom but I came to the realization that I wouldn’t have the first time mom experience. I did not have a large enough ‘village’ that was able to support and coach me during this next chapter of my life. Not many ‘understood’ what I was feeling.  Mamas listen, your support, your village, your coach is ME. Why? Because I GET IT! I understand how you feel without you explaining it to me, and together you and I will figure out a plan. 

Let’s talk about sleep for a second – from day one, my son was never a good sleeper, and to be honest, we still have our moments. People would ask “what is it like to be a mom” and my response would be “it’s like doing a close/ open every day of your life without the two days off” (to all my hospitality and retail readers, this analogy is for you). I would constantly question my approach and motherly instincts. Stressing about sleep became my day in and day out anxiety, and let’s be real I had enough anxiety trying to navigate through my new stepmother role. I had a hard time trusting others to take care of my son, and this included my spouse at times. I was told 100 times over to sleep train my baby so that “I could get life back” but the thought of letting him cry for hours killed me. I kept thinking – there has to be a different way, there has to be a reason why this is so challenging. That’s when I decided to become a Certified Sleep Consultant. 

My life with my baby changed, I was able to see the missing pieces to my family’s puzzle. I am here to help you. I want to work alongside you and help you find your missing puzzle piece. Whether you are a new mom or living in a blended family I want you to know that you are not alone and 99.9% of what you are feeling I am certain I have felt it as well. Together we will overcome the challenges you are facing and rebuild your internal instincts. Mamas – every challenge that you face, there is a reason for it. Once you understand the whys you start to have a better appreciation for the crying, or the cat naps, or the extra snuggles needed in a day. Because let me tell you, today may be a hard day and you may drink that bottle of wine at 12:01 pm, but when tomorrow comes and you wake up and your little one takes his / her first step you sigh (probably cry) and say ‘this is why you needed me a little more than usual’.